Stone city started three years of entrepreneurial employment plan will support the business of the 1

to bring people to cities for innovation and entrepreneurship is a process of innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve revenue wealth also need time, therefore, stone city start employment three year plan, clear objectives, awesome support, I believe can help more people achieve the dream of entrepreneurial wealth, promote economic development better.

    White is located in the Yuhua District of the culture building of University Science and Technology Park, is a national science and technology business incubator at the end of last year has just settled in stone city, a public space here, Small and micro businesses are still undergoing many nursery period of hatching to thrive, it is understood that in University Science and technology park enterprises can not only enjoy the free site service, can also join the incubation camp, North entrepreneurship club, enterprise, entrepreneurial university hundreds of brands such as service products and venture capital system and teacher resources, will regularly for entrepreneurs full guidance and comprehensive cultivation.

    like Peking University Science and technology park public record space, this year there will be a large number of urban counties in the city while landing, the city will also speed up the construction of a number of low cost, convenience, all elements, open hackerspaces, entrepreneurship coffee, innovation works. These new incubation model of the public space can be taken with the well-known venture capital institutions, professional service providers to build cooperation, management and other forms of flexible management.

    according to the action plan, stone city will be adjusted to local interest burden is heavy labor intensive enterprises loans, focused on solving the problem of college students, capacity to the unemployed, the precise poverty alleviation project object individual initial financial difficulties, the network business, the flexible employment of workers into the business loans and discount support range.

    in order to play the guiding role of government funds, stone city will set up a provincial college graduates employment guidance funds, guide social investment funds to provide all kinds of risk investment, equity investment, financing guarantees and other services to meet the industrial development direction of College Students’ Entrepreneurship project. Stone city will implement precise entrepreneurial assistance activities, entrepreneurial loans, entrepreneurship subsidies and social insurance subsidies and entrepreneurship training, business incubators and other policies and measures of service unified package, to have the entrepreneurial willingness to the unemployed and the poor production capacity of enterprises, the implementation of "assistance to one" precision, improve the success rate of entrepreneurship.

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