What is the way to promote western food stores

with the increasing number of Western food brands, more and more Western restaurants are now appearing in our life. If you want to open a restaurant of your own, you want to have a good business Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

: a form of Western-style food stores issued coupons. The use of coupons is very popular in the catering industry, especially in the sales season. The coupon payment is more flexible, not only can use the mass media, mainly newspapers, issuing coupons, such as in the newspaper advertisement propaganda "to give a 20 percent off discount for the consumer advertising"; also can be in the consumer to consumer checkout gift coupon equivalent, the next sales for the corresponding currency.

form two: Western food store cheap package. After careful design will be a combination of several kinds of packages, the western restaurant can be sold at lower prices, in order to attract customers, increase the overall revenue. Especially for the weekend and holidays of the individual consumption of household consumption, many restaurants tend to launch different characteristics, different grades of the family package, in order to meet the needs of different families, such as "happy family weekend packages", "New Year’s Eve reunion meal" and so on.

form three: Western discount. Discount is the most common form of promotion. Coffee restaurant can not only according to the guest to determine the amount of discount level, can also carry out and buy one get one half price discount and other promotional activities in the food and beverage sales in the off-season and non peak period, in order to attract more customers, and sales.

form four: Western food store bonus points. Bonus points are a way to reward coffee Western Restaurant regulars and improve customer loyalty. Coffee restaurant in accordance with the size of the size of the calculation of the size of the guests of the guests, the guests each time in the western restaurant after the scores can be accumulated to form the total score of the guests. Then the coffee restaurant guests according to how many points the formulation and implementation of different grades of the incentive plan, such as giving high discounts, free of service fees, free consumption etc..

The above is about the

restaurant franchise promotion way, believe that you must have their own understanding, only their own detailed consultation and understanding of the project, so we can better open my own business and want to join the shop, come!

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