How to join the Ba porphyrin tea

drinks market has never been short of that brand of tea merchants to join the project, which is a very good Ba porphyrin tea brand investment, how to say this Ba porphyrin tea? Look at the following Xiaobian to introduce you.

Ba porphyrin by virtue of their unique style of tea drinks in the fierce market competition in talent shows itself, has been the favorite of consumers. At present, the country is facing the broad strokes of Ba porphyrin tea to join the business, if you want to create their own wealth, but not too much money, then do not miss Ba porphyrin tea. The official website of joining process with BA porphyrin tea, there are more preferential policies to join you to understand.

official website: tea tea Ba porphyrin Ba porphyrin process:

1, understanding Advisory: investors understand the detailed information on the Internet Ba porphyrin tea, or direct dial telephone consultation to join the headquarters.

2, field visits: investors to the headquarters of the site visits, and the headquarters staff to conduct business exchanges.

3, application for "join in application form" to fill in the application of tea Ba porphyrin headquarters, or online application.

4, signed a contract to join: after the implementation of the above work, you carry the relevant personnel and the company signed a contract to join the contract and pay the relevant fees, the official confirmation of the franchise or agency cooperation.

5, shop confirmation: determine the location of the shop, area, under the guidance of the headquarters, the final location of the program.

6, built according to the situation: the company store decoration design and decoration scheme, and confirm the drawings with the franchisee, the franchisee for decoration.

7, headquarters training: the headquarters has a senior training experts, to join the business to provide all the actual operation of the shop operation and marketing skills training.

8, opening preparation: headquarters to send professionals stationed in the store, to assist the system commissioning, opening publicity and other work, do a good job opening.

9, grand opening: to ensure that all ready to go after the grand opening. After the formal business headquarters to follow up the operation of the franchise stores, to provide product upgrades, management optimization, technical training and other long-term business support.


above is for the most detailed procedure to introduce the official website of the Ba porphyrin has attracted a lot of tea! Consumers, tea drinks for Ba porphyrin entrepreneurial franchisees are fresh and delicious, the tea with BA porphyrin development prospects, diversified products and rich demand, will detonate the consumer market, tea drinks is the future partner Ba porphyrin can cause far away the security.

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