Car wash to join the project How much investment is needed

car consumption continues to rise, the rise of the automotive service market, for more investors now join the car wash shop is a good choice. Join the car wash shop requires only a small amount of money can be started, the investment risk is small, low cost. Now we will look at the car wash to join the project specifically what? How much is the investment required?

water wash car

investment scale: 50 thousand to 60 thousand yuan

this car wash to join the project advantages: water washing equipment 1.5 to 2 hours per hour, only once electricity, the cost of processing a party of about $0.4, about 20 cars can be washed, the cost of each car is only $0.08. If a shop has 6 to 8 employees, every car 60 cars, each car charges 7 yuan, excluding all expenses, the monthly net profit of 8000 yuan, the cost can be recovered in 6 months.

waterless car wash shop

investment scale: Join funds 3900 yuan

the carwash advantages: saving water and environmental protection car service station, only 3000 yuan of liquidity, payment for the franchise, material, material fee, 17 yuan per bottle cleaning agent, can wash 30 cars, low cost fast convergence.

mobile car washer

investment scale: 2680 yuan per

this car to join the project advantages: suitable for parking in the community or self owned power supply, low cost, cleaning a car cost less than 0.1 yuan.

rapid popularity of the car, a huge market for cleaning, personal car wash water saving and environmental protection is different from the street car wash, belong to environmental protection projects.

now more and more investors to join venture embarked on the road to riches, currently with car ownership in China increased year by year, the automobile industry prospects, many businesses saw the business opportunities, carwash services agency. This small summary of the car wash on the above to join the project, as well as the advantages of investment funds, hoping to provide some reference and help for practitioners.

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