Costa steak development

Costa steak was founded in 1886, the brand of raw materials produced in the east part of French origin beef, French steak restaurant more features. Costa steak to enter the Chinese market has gone through a long course of hair, and finally create a well-known brand of steak.

Costa steak development process is as follows:

2005, Costa Senna left the group to China steak, to fill the domestic blank French steak restaurant.

positioning – consumers prefer

Costa steak positioned in the high-end parity steak restaurant, in the performance of noble, elegant, stylish atmosphere at the same time, reflecting the people first feature. Excluding the traditional steak restaurant, thousands of miles away from the characteristics, from all aspects of the distance between the narrow and consumers, so that more people can experience the authentic French steak western culture and food.

development –5 do four things

1. set up product research center


group gathered many domestic first-class steak restaurant products R & D personnel, all aspects of the depth of checks, through trial and development of countless, established its own set of product standards, in order to ensure high quality, targeted product system.

2. business model to shape

taking into account the concentration of free time outside the dining time, in order to avoid the waste of time and resources, to enhance the profitability of the western restaurant steak, beef steak restaurant with the introduction of the concept of coffee. So Senna left to create nearly 3000 square meters of the hotel in the Happy Valley in Beijing, the operation mode of the festival, through continuous improvement and adjustment of operational data, which lasted 5 years, developed a set of subjected to the test of the market standardization and systematization of the operating system, lay a solid foundation for the future profitability of a single store.

3. to build a professional management team

Costa steak for all employees including management training, training manager, chef training, general staff training, in order to reserve a comprehensive group of professional, elite team, provide market experience for later investors, while providing free consultation, on-site guidance and early with stores and other exclusive services, combined with China nationalcircumstances the strong guarantee for large steak restaurant experience in the operation and profit mode.

4. shape brand image

at the same time, the group

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