Children’s clothing store location principle

parents are more and more concerned about the child, effectively promote the development of the children’s clothing industry, operating more and more investment in children’s clothing business. Operating children’s clothing store, location is very important. So, children’s clothing store how to choose? What are the principles of site selection? Please go into this problem together with Xiao bian!

1, children’s clothing store (children’s products) site is generally in hospitals, kindergartens, women and children Baojian Railway Station or local concentration of children’s clothing street or children’s supplies street.

2, commercial street on both sides of the flow of people is not the same, even if it is very close to the store into the store there are differences between the people.

3, the choice of the facade will not be removed within 3-5 years; the location of the best local shopping mall is better old shopping malls.

4, the selected place must have enough people and target groups (go, recorded in a period of time and comparative analysis), sales data do counter to the idea of other brand children’s clothing.

5, the new mall to carefully choose.

five points above the hope that the majority of the children’s clothing operators to help, no matter what business storefront location is very important. Good location of the shop, to attract more customers, agents more customers, entrepreneurial success rate is also higher. Children’s clothing store, location is very important, do a good job in market research, make sure the investment. In the next few years, China’s children’s clothing market will further expand the operating market beyond imagination.

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