Eat out of the wealth of food forest outside the big secret of the great publicity

delicious snacks can always get the favor of consumers, food to eat a forest outside the forest outside the legendary Hot and Sour Rice Noodles food, barbecue, food outside the forest forest outside the legendary legend Malatang as the representative of the new delicacy in the country, has been a "fire explosion" of the situation, and formed a huge impact on the traditional Sichuan delicacy. This hides the number of unknown business secrets. Reporters with speculation in the industry, the eating of forest outside the headquarters responsible person Wang conducted personal interviews, to eat outside the forest fire to the explosion of the commercial secrets to!

How to attract consumers

as Wang said, the realization of the national forest food outside the popular development, the biggest commercial secrets is superior products as the Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, barbecue, Mala be refined in essence. An effort to get rid of the forest

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