How to join the barbecue

food and beverage industry in the more popular investment projects as long as: barbecue, hot pot, snacks, etc.. But in recent years the barbecue market is very hot, it is causing a lot of investment in the barbecue brand every one in this case, posing as a good quality brand, to deceive investors. This tells us a truth: not every barbecue join the project to lead the franchisee to success. So join the business need to choose a good barbecue brand to join. Korean barbecue market is very broad, which joined the popular Korean barbecue with gold Connaught Lang health health become the brand of choice for consumers, has become the preferred brand of franchisees, so the gold Connaught Lang barbecue to join


how to join the barbecue? What need to meet the conditions? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to introduce

franchisee conditions:

1. is a natural person or legal person with independent capacity for civil liability;

2. has a sense of responsibility, dedication, a man to do things steady progress, wealth and success of the desire;

3. has a good business reputation, honest and trustworthy, said to do;

4. has a certain start-up capital, and get family support and support; have confidence to grow together;

5. agrees with the concept of brand management and brand culture, and has a good entrepreneurial intention;

6. accept the supervision and supervision of the company, abide by the norms of brand management, and consciously safeguard the brand reputation of "golden Lang".

agent conditions:

1. based identity "Korean food culture, nourishing health" concept;

2. has a strong desire to expand their career, a high degree of recognition of the golden Lang Lang business philosophy.

3. according to the headquarters of the city category, pay the appropriate agency costs.

4. accept the headquarters management, can not cross operation.

5. has the ability of regional planning and business negotiation.

6. has the sense and ability to support the growth of the store.

7. has a certain financial strength, good reputation, investment awareness, risk awareness

join process:

first step: >

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