Jewelry store late management should pay attention to

for the current market demand, many entrepreneurs feel now the jewelry market is very popular, but good things have its advantages and disadvantages on the side, it is the latter part of the management of it, the slightest mistake will The loss outweighs the gain..


the empty shelves, and some even 5-6 rows are empty; in this case, mainly in the number of newcomers to join, to recover the investment, to store replenishment; when this happens, let guests feel the shop to re closed, so the guests did not dare to buy high-end jewelry shop, "if shut up, I bought something bad how to do", in the high-end jewelry shop after a month, will really move customers to your store; only a sense of trust, will buy your stores in high-end jewelry;

complex single management

a jewelry store, such as the emphasis on order management, opening hot, performance would continue to decline; ah jewelry store, second month performance is the first half of the month, it is because they have no single management, because they are not even a single!!

the popularity of goods

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