A small woman under the spell of tens of millions of family property

woman is really not easy to start a business, but in the face of women now up half of the sky, female friends have begun to act in the wave of entrepreneurship in the March forward.

        husband: you are crazy, want to heaven?

        Liu Weihong graduated from junior high school began to do business. She’s been in a tailor’s shop in Zhaoyuan. In 2001, she came to Yantai with her husband, Pan Hongcheng. At that time, the cause of her husband very influential, in the eastern suburbs to buy luxury villas. The daughter was born soon, in addition to Yantai absolutely ignorant of the whole year, and she did not do what thing, but my mind is not a moment idle. An accidental opportunity, she went to the northeast with her husband. A pasta made relatives twist are particularly good, after Liu Weihong tasted, but feel just so so, you certainly can do better than this. People eat it is "health and convenience", was originally a twist in the streets selling, people can not see the process of making it do not worry, if you put it into the store, let the customer see the whole process from the window will certainly welcome.

        back to Yantai, she began to work. She told the chef for his repeated test, taste pretty good, but she felt that is not ideal, decided to go to Beijing to find experts to study the formula.

        when her husband found out what she was doing, his first reaction was that the woman was "crazy"! Put a good "Lady" is improper, but will not fried, the stall with the same? This is not a penny earned! But Liu Weihong still did not hesitate to consult experts, selected the most satisfactory formula.

        with the formula, how to open the shop? How can I sell? How chain? How to join? A junior high school graduates to the bookstore to find a lot of books on the operating point of view, from books on the study of KFC, McDonald’s and the famous Chinese restaurant chain business. The idea of her husband: "sniff at join? You still want to heaven!"


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