Beichuan general aviation industry promotion will be held on 4

local economic development can not be separated from the layout of the traffic, only the traffic is more developed in order to allow the economy to live in various regions. 4, · China city of science and technology; Mianyang (Beichuan) general aviation industry investment promotion will be held in Sichuan, Chengdu, Tianjin branch, Zhongyuan constant sea navigation project UAV Industrial Park project, West mianzhou operation training project, hump navigation operation program, Changan International Trust Co., shipping industry fund projects such as project 6. Signing up to the total amount of 2 billion 660 million yuan.

meeting, participants on behalf of the enterprise, AVIC Sichuan Aviation Industry Bureau, Sichuan hump General Aviation Co., Ltd. chairman Che Tianfa spoke. It is agreed that Mianyang is very optimistic about the development of general aviation in the future will play their own advantages, and actively participate in the Mianyang general aviation industry development, sharing good opportunity to build the city of science and technology, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win.

navigation industry in aviation and gas engine industry has the greatest potential for development, the most extensive development space, the strongest momentum of development." Sichuan Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau deputy director Yi Jun pointed out in his speech, Mianyang is the only city of science and technology, not only has a large number of air and gas turbine industry field of leading enterprises and research institutes, more successful in recent years the introduction of a lot of navigation industry leader, high starting point, high quality, high the level of planning and construction of the Chinese (Mianyang) science and Technology City navigation Industrial Park, the leading industrial development has laid a solid foundation for Mianyang navigation.

Mianyang municipal Party committee secretary Peng Yuhang said, Mianyang shipping industry started early, solid foundation, good state of development of the shipping industry, environmental policy superiority, scientific research strength, solid industrial base, improve the supporting facilities. At present, Beichuan airport navigation has been taking shape, Jiangyou, Pingwu and other provinces and cities have been included in the planning and construction of airport navigation, initially built up a large compound as the support, to Jiuzhou, Changhong, Minshan, Tefei and other industry leading enterprises as the backbone, to Chinese city science and technology Industrial Park as the carrier of the navigation system of the whole industry chain Mianyang, Sichuan Province as the province’s four major shipping industry base to be supported. Mianyang occupies the initiative in the development of the national shipping industry, won the opportunity to become the province and even the western region of the first choice for the development of the navigation industry." Peng Yuhang said.

Beichuan general aviation industrial park has introduced a number of well-known enterprises, the future development prospects immeasurable, now officially put into operation three. 2015 has achieved output value of 30 million yuan, in 2016 the output value of 100 million yuan. Strive to 2020 the introduction of navigation enterprise 35, gathered a group of general aviation research and development, production and operation of enterprises, the park will be playing in Sichuan province and the western China influential General Aviation Industrial Park, more than ten billion.

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