What are the varieties of maternal and child supplies stores

as China’s two-child policy in full swing, maternal and child development industry is very fast, but also a strong market in the industry, maternal and child supplies store business varieties can be from underwear, Outerwear, gift boxes, Baby Hats, footwear, bedding selection, daily necessities, toys, books, audio and video products. The daily necessities are more varieties to try to complete the baby from birth to grow slowly, every moment of need. More specifically, baby products stores following operating varieties:

: This is the first, any a baby store, if not the main business clothing products, will be more tired, (except for a single product store) clothing including: underwear, coats, hats, shoes, socks, and some daily used textiles.

food including milk powder, supplementary food, health food, is one of the key products, but the baby store can not, because the local food supermarkets have, and the price is very advantageous, another reason is that food is for money, for the investment is not a lot of customers we should pay more attention on food, this one.

live: live at home said the meaning of products include: daily necessities, bedding, bed and cradle for babies, bed is his home, in theory, every child should have a baby bed, can not only cultivate children’s independent personality, but also to give the baby a completely independent space, but for the area not a big baby store, baby bed of these large volume products may not be suitable, if less, not what the customer choice, if more, and takes up too much, so, for an area of less than 50 square metres, not the best on the baby bed, but the daily necessities and bedding is whether you are massive, some products are required on the commodity is a year-round selling merchandise, bedding is four pins, especially after the fall, it is the focus of production Tasted.

: the line of products including: cart, tricycle and bicycle, electric cars, and car seat, car seat, car safety awning, although these products accounted for more area, but the profit is quite substantial, the baby store, especially small county or town, it must be on baby, not necessarily on the whole, but at least you can on the cart, tricycle and bicycle.

play: play products include: wooden toys, plastic toys, inflatable toys, toys, intellectual development, play is the nature of children, the baby early a lot of knowledge and understanding on the outside are obtained through toys, children play more and more smart, in fact, baby toy shop is very important products at the same time, a relatively high profits, but the toy is characterized by: if natural sales, sales is not large, the salesperson must have the ability to enhance the importance of toys to a height of education.

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