What needs to be considered in opening a clothing store

open clothing store need to pay attention to what investment? Many novice investors are not very clear. If you want to learn more skills then take a look at it, Xiao Bian summed up the relevant experience, I hope you can successfully get a good profit.



1. according to their own personality, hobbies, funds, the actual situation to choose what type of shop, and then select the type of supply

2. commodity competition is now too intense, so the choice of sources to have the advantage. Such as good quality, diverse styles, such as

3. brand advantage is more and more prominent, if possible, try to choose brand clothes.

two, store address

1. address to choose in many places. Of course, the more people, the more expensive the price, the competition is fierce.


2. sites are not the best peer peer or less. The new store was originally not much, coupled with a lot of peers on the street, the less people.

shop decoration

1. decoration to conform to the style of their products. For example, the sale of children’s clothing, it is fitting in line with the lovely style of children

2. try not too much, will give people a feeling of clutter.

four, the recruitment of

1. according to the size of the clothing store, recruit some staff.

2. recruit 18 – to 30 year old young women, with a certain quality and temperament, and to understand the latest trends in women’s clothing

3. should have a cheerful, confident and other character, able to accept new things, but also more stable, energetic, friendly and other personality traits

4. sales staff have a certain level of culture, clothing knowledge, can quickly grasp the relevant technical knowledge of clothing, to the customer’s questions quickly and accurately answer.

5. can choose to recruit experienced salesman.

1. discount. Discount can attract more customers. Everyone likes to be petty, and women are even more so. &qu recommended

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