Operating brand children’s clothing store to do what marketing skills

is now the apparel market, children’s clothing stores everywhere figure, children’s clothing sales market is very hot, a good choice of clothing stores is a good choice to invest to get rich, but in the process of operation, the essential necessary means of promotion.

1. Christmas, new year’s day, Spring Festival, plus the students put the winter vacation, one after another, people have more free time to shop;

2. at the end of the year, the manufacturers in order to highlight the competitive advantage to seize the market, there will be more promotional strategies, is bound to enhance the operator’s profit space;

3. on the eve of the Spring Festival, is the peak of the traditional consumption of Chinese residents, children’s clothing sales is no exception, according to statistics before the children’s clothing sales accounted for 40% of the annual sales of about – 50%:

4. now the parents for the children to spend the festival is spending billions of dollars to buy new clothes for their child is a kind of habit, but also more willing to

;On the eve of the Spring Festival

5. Chinese have the custom of giving gifts, buy new clothes for the other children as gifts, this is not really a choice of people.

strategy one: the development of members, so it can attract and develop certain customers, at the same time, in the new. Can promptly notify customers with sms.

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