Prediction of female entrepreneurship in 2013

see, by the end of 2012 is about to move forward, gradually approaching in 2013, then, in 2013, which are suitable for women to do good business, comfort women compatriots do a good project? May wish to take a look at, come to know!

cloisonne painting

the project investment scale is small, only need to purchase basic materials and tools, the first phase investment of 20 thousand yuan; staff requirement is not high, junior high school or above; making flexible form, without a fixed place, decentralized processing, market demand, suitable for 4050 persons, especially women employment and re employment.


follow ancient society pace of life is slow, people on the clean, convenient fast food needs more and more, people in China every year, fast food market far billion. What industry for girls? And now the majority of the disposal of fast food business in the brand, skills, products (mouth and stomach, nutrition), governance and other circles have a lot of lack. Long fee in the pursuit of convenience, but also hope to have a high level of brand fast food presentation. "Steamed delicious steamed snack with characteristics.

manual Association

to start manual association form, through the service processing, part of the laid-off and unemployed sisters together, to each of the two lines plus 5 yuan processing fees, in addition to embroidery 50-100 yuan processing fees. Through 8-12 months of operation can be profitable, about 2000-3000 yuan per month profit. The initial investment in this project is very small, can operate directly at home, without additional rent.

professional shopping guide


is the string with thin bamboo sticks lost balls, in carefully modulated Rice-meat dumplings boiled soup outside, and then put into the soup cup in the food, a tempting smell, taste fresh food at that time, meticulous, eloquence that generates perfume lingering flavor, taste a back, will be back off. Look at the main individual provinces in 5-8 yuan. How much later on closed East cook a bowl of soup, eat breakfast to do is work, the woman with a family favorite. All day long is sold, even if each has 100 customers to sell fee, will be at a loss of $200-300. What industry for girls? The names of numerous single difficult operation, operation is not needed when Bo care, can visit downtown, in the supermarket business, etc., can also be run. Operation types: Gold Zhu fish balls, pork balls, burning incense, crab pliers, COD Shu, Huang Jinqiu, sesame flavor Shrimp balls and dozens of varieties, semi-finished products in various parts of the frozen goods retail market to buy, Kanto cooking soup, sauce from the same branch distribution, >

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