Returned to the master of Finance

, a new start, I believe many people are aware of the company, famous in the industry, in the past few months, in the field of film culture made no small achievement. Hu Yehua is the head of the company. At the same time, the investment manager Hu Yehua or Shanghai whom investment management center. Have deep knowledge and rich practical experience, he called him with any superhuman powers, to field. Behind his brilliant education and work experience.

Entrepreneur: Hu Yehua

main business: video production, micro film production, event planning, study abroad training

entrepreneurial story:

2005 graduated from the University of Manchester in, the United Kingdom financial investment professional, after Barclays Bank internship in the uk. Barclays is one of the largest commercial banks in the UK and one of the largest banks in the world. A year later, he gave up a good job abroad, decided to return to the country to create their own career. After returning home, he held senior positions in a number of enterprises. Join the Shanghai company whom is the thing in 2010, he made a good score in the VC and PE industry.

2010 in December, the City Federation with the help of his friends set up in Cixi city and the first overseas returnees Entrepreneurship Development Association, in the association served as director and President of the Hangzhou branch of Cixi sea. When served as chairman of the Hangzhou branch, he began to organize regular charity activities, set up a charity to 80 based, held several charity dinner and charity activities, devote themselves to the Chinese charity.

in view of the Zhejiang Media University in the field of media development, new media entrepreneurship Park of Zhejiang, located in the University, students in the depth of the market at the same time, also can better utilize the resources of College students. Do investment management, Hu Yehua is more concerned about mineral and machinery manufacturing and other fields, keen investment sense prompted him to dabble in the field of cultural and creative companies. "This is my investment" on its own, Hu Yehua said the establishment of new, is a kind of market research, if not personally get deep into a field, it is always a layman. Previous investment is to stand on the perspective of bystanders to judge, and now to better understand the industry’s own investment.

Success is not accidental,

, has developed a perfect plan of Hu Yehua, now in addition to video production, planning activities, also launched micro film production. In addition, the company also provides consulting and training, studying in the UK he naturally the study consulting clear in mind. But in the past to go abroad to learn more business, and now go abroad to study culture and art has gradually become the mainstream, which is one of the reasons he created the company.

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