Why the pawn business so prosperous

a lot of people to "pawn" understanding is still in a variety of film and television drama, and even a lot of people think that this is just the ancient shops will exist. However, along with the market economy to enliven in the fire, some of the visitors are few and far between the industry has also been activated. In some city, the recovery of the "pawnshop" they belong to this column. So, why the pawn business is so prosperous?

today, Harbin city "pawnshop customers door, has become a major local news. In the old society, the poor and the pawnshop is. For food and clothing, but pawning what eat for rice. In today’s market economy, and the pawnshop has no change to eat rice, but the visitors in the "big money" more.

10 19, 10 am, driving a red BMW car, break into Harbin rash and too much in haste a pawn shop, when the car. Due to the formalities are complete, one hour to complete the pawn, holding 300 thousand yuan when the gold rush away. Then, another man came to deal with when the house procedures, took 400 thousand yuan of funds. Close to noon, a lady surnamed Liu took out a precious diamond and wore a Rolex watch to". After testing, to prove that the diamonds, watches are genuine, formalities are complete, with not much took away 170 thousand yuan in cash.

pawn is so prosperous, the reason is as follows: the reform and opening up, business people, people’s economic activities, economic behavior field have become increasingly broadened, so, and pawn shops have more transactions.

some boss due to the need of business, temporary liquidity problems, had to use their own horse or valuables mortgage, used to deal with urgent turnover. No wonder the pawn in front of BMW car before leaving the woman said: "now the moment of money, no way, I decided to redeem 10 days." Of course, there are people losing a business, in order to raise funds to repay. There are those who pawn, because the home has a sudden event, such as emergency money. As a woman whose daughter had leukemia, find relatives and friends to borrow so much money, but "to the pawnshop". Another pawn, it is temporary funding for children or relatives to study abroad.

According to expert

Harbin pawn: in recent years, the rise of Harbin pawn pawn, most customers are doing business, they are in working capital, pawnshops also benefit. This industry is booming, is the inevitable product of economic and social development.

in the current economic society, people’s assets, all economic activities are on the rise, it is invisible to the pawnshop to create a good environment for development, but also because of this, will make the business of the shop became so prosperous. So, if you want to venture capital, may wish to open a shop.

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