Three buddy SOE entrepreneurs resignation sell shrimp

to work nine to five life difficult to meet all expectations of the occupation, the three buddy will resolutely abandoned the existing work, choose their own, from the sale of shrimp.

now from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. in the store was busy shooting the shrimp cake, three buddy cake and communicate with customers, have a stable and glamorous job over a year ago, Liu Yuzhou and Yang Yueqi have been working in state-owned enterprises, Yang Yazhi in state-owned enterprises, foreign companies have worked. Every day they are tired of repetitive work, one can see the head of the life, want to young, save some different experiences, good friends choose to resign entrepreneurship once hit it off.

"repetitive, boring, boring," this is Liu Yuzhou before the evaluation of key words. Even if the work is busier than before, low income, hard work, he does not miss the previous life.

in state-owned enterprises, the work of Liu Yuzhou every day is to communicate the company responsible for the latest policy and the subordinate business hall, repeating the same contents. The rest of the time, he is sitting in front of the computer bored brush ", Qiazhao table waiting for work.

the same work in state-owned enterprises Yang Yazhi empathy, his duty is responsible for network maintenance, actual work every day is to take the cable, the only difference is "a cable and a cable in the place where such work is he going to do after seven or eight years can be promoted. Although boring, but his colleagues are like this, there seems to be nothing wrong.

only after the start had quarreled with his partners, Yang Ya occasionally miss the interpersonal relationship in state-owned enterprises. He and his colleagues in the state-owned enterprises never quarrel, get along very cordial atmosphere, there is no infighting in the office. He said, this is because we are in the "mixed year", we all know what the position is after a few years will, along with job income, promotion will not affect the quality of work, occasionally suddenly promoted people because there are relationship.

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