How about joining a fried yogurt shop

yogurt, is now very popular with the public, one of the drinks, yogurt and a unique taste of the benefits of a pile of food, making yogurt become one of the favorite dishes of the public. Yogurt sales at the same time, but it is a huge food and beverage business opportunities. Why do you say that, look at the following data analysis will know.

summer people all love to a cup of cold drink, or a good popsicles, cold drink market has attracted more and more attention to capital. Data show that the national yogurt consumption is growing at an annual rate of 38% or so fast, located in the first batch of more than 30 major beverage sales growth.

said fried yogurt, Xiao Bian today would like to talk about this a distinctive – Thai fried ice cream.

said the fried ice cream shop, have to mention a person — Liu Hongxiang. He opened a fried ice cream shop in Nanjing, products are Thai fried ice cream is the most common on the streets of Thailand in the summer cold. The practice is also very simple, pour raw materials, stir fry, cut hard, flat, and finally fell to the volume of ice cream. The other with what is unique? To tell you the truth, here is the final product of rolled up ice cream, the taste is soft and waxy, features should be said that customers love to see the boss make ice cream, the boss is very business minded, had to make Taiwan have been placed in the kitchen. The guests over the counter, with outstretched hands, with a mobile phone camera, simply put a table placed outside. When it comes to the customer’s interest, it is the last roll of the production process. This action seems simple, but actually doing it from time to time, and rolling speed, not good practice, really not out of uniform roll gap ice cream roll.

talk about good-looking, in fact, in Thailand local, fried ice cream as an ordinary roadside snacks, there is no color value. But as Nanjing’s first Thailand fried ice cream shop, Liu Hongxiang made the improvement in color collocation, main color colorful fruits, such as pitaya roasted marshmallow collocation, Matcha coconut and mango collocation, collocation of Oreo and nuts etc..

when he choose to store address and move the mind, Nanjing people know that Xinjiekou is a variety of snacks, drinks and other FMCG brands a hotly contested spot, many catering enterprises also choose to open the first store here. As a native of Nanjing, Liu Hongxiang has chosen to open their first store in the hexi. In the shop before also do some market assessment, Liu Hongxiang’s ice cream shop at Fuyuan street, surrounded by large buildings, all kinds of snacks to have all kinds of cold drinks, almost a point of the home, many of them have made the size of the chain like fried yogurt, or a Hong Kong style ice cream. In such a competitive environment, you want to stand out, the difficulty can be imagined, and the beginning of the business, Liu Hongxiang also no good way, >

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