Analysis on the cost of joining fast food in Longhu

to say what kind of catering brand growth fast food fast food industry, Xiao Bian think by virtue of experience or franchise mode in the fast-food brands occupy the market share rate comparison will have a relatively rapid growth process of individual business, take the Longhu people fast food brand. The three elements – Longhu people fast-food companies focus on brand awareness, reputation and loyalty, to achieve the target plan to carry out the work in brand building and franchise related fields, after more than ten years of dedication and persistence, the company has from the beginning of the successful development of Chongqing star industry become a commercial value and service ability. The Chinese fast food enterprises. So how much money Longhu people fast food join?

Longhu people fast food join cost analysis

single jiamengfei as follows:

100 square meters below

join fee: 48 thousand operating expenses: 6 thousand

100 to 200 square meters

join fee: 68 thousand operating expenses: 7 thousand

200 to 300 square meters

join fee: 88 thousand operating expenses: 8 thousand

300 square meters above

join fee: 98 thousand operating expenses: 9 thousand


1, join the store to collect performance bond 10 thousand decoration design costs: $60 per square meter

2, joined the number of years: three years, the expiration of the free extension of

regional agency fees are as follows:

county level units: 100 thousand

operational service charge: 10 thousand per store per

performance margin: 10 thousand per store per

city units: 200 thousand

operational service charge: 15 thousand per store per

performance margin: 10 thousand per store per

presumably through the above introduction, you already have a relatively comprehensive understanding of the cost of fast food in Longhu people, if there is anything else you want to know or want to join the brand, please

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