Business to deal with the bargaining strategy

no matter what kind of work we do, is to give people a good job, or start their own business, there will be a shopping time, so bargaining this scene is not uncommon. As a business, if you want to not only business transactions, but also want to cultivate loyal customer groups, naturally need to grasp the relevant business skills. So, to do business in the face of bargaining, what is the use of business strategy?

because of the people consumption concept, Maling is very common, and clients, as their first opening, for example, the settlement is 96 yuan, the customer said, you gave me 95 yuan. Or 1120 yuan, close to customers $1100. So, in most cases, customers instead of a counter-offer, embrace.

Watch the step

, cautious price. Retail business is also trying to figure out how the customer psychology is very important, for old customers, is the most troublesome, they must develop the habit of not counter-offer. But in the face of peer was forced to look at fiercely as a tiger does, cut their meat.

I do not know that some

on aimlessly prices customers, high price, set aside a certain bargaining space, otherwise, not counter-offer, customers will churn. For those who know the specific price and can be purchased from other channels of the same species of customers, in the region does not affect their own inherent market, it should be in the premise of not losing money, put down the price, retain unexpected customers.

customers to offer, this is to retreat strategy. In fact, this is to understand the customer’s psychological expectations, they will know that there is no price advantage. Because the general situation will buy more than one kind of goods, packaged to say a price, fuzzy which is relatively high price, with one of the low-priced products or the main push products to attract customers.

seems to provide a choice for customers, is actually try to figure out and understand the tendency of customers. For example, want a low price products, or want to quality products, there is no gradient offer, the probability of loss is mostly.

generally, the customer ask price mainly from three purposes. First, he is really want to buy, ask the price to get a bargain price base.

second, he can buy can not buy, borrow the machine to inquire about the price of the species, that is to explore the actual situation. There is a situation that there are some old customers to continue to reject or terminate the cooperation, also to bargain as an excuse to pursue a we simply cannot afford the price.

is a cloud of war, the enemy awareness, usually pay attention to collecting information, carry out some thorough investigation work, understand the previous purchase channels and price discount, customers can accept the large profit space supply prices to offer both the back room, and have a certain appeal to customers.

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