mportance analysis of restaurant menu

as a food and beverage operator, what do you think you are more fancy, is the taste of food or food service? Of course, these are the most critical, but your menu you work hard to run it? Now more and more people begin to pay attention to the taste and characteristics of food, not knowing the importance of the restaurant menu is very huge, especially for new consumers, the menu is everybody first understanding of the dishes. The following small series from three aspects to introduce the importance of menu for a restaurant business


menu effects with food and beverage cost and profit of

What is the importance of the

menu of the restaurant menu? Mentioned above to determine the extent of restaurants of raw materials have also been identified, determine the natural raw materials also affect the cost and profit of the restaurant. For example, some dishes of food requirements are relatively high, pay more attention, of course, the overall cost will increase a lot, then the profit will be reduced.


menu reflects the restaurant’s business policy

a suitable menu, according to the operating principles, through the analysis of supply and market demand to develop. The importance of the restaurant menu at this point, the procurement of raw materials, food cooking and restaurant services, are based on the menu for the menu, once established, the restaurant management target is identified.

menu affects the staffing of the restaurant

any restaurant equipment procurement is not blindly, it must consider what kind of restaurant business dishes, what kind of equipment can be used to make these dishes. The importance of the restaurant menu is also reflected in the menu of dishes, level and characteristics determines the need to purchase what restaurant equipment, at the same time a different menu of the food service specification level and flavor characteristics have different requirements.

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