Analysis on the training of service personnel in auto beauty shop

car beauty shop service if the service is not in place, it will leave a bad impression to the consumer, this is taboo. Therefore, franchisees need to do a good job in the management of staff training. Xiaobian summed up the points, hope to provide some management suggestions to the franchisee, franchisee can do business worry.

one, avoid staring at

(1) do not look at the customer with curious eyes, especially on the appearance, behavior, wearing a special customer.

(2) in the service, do not stare at the service object, should be made easy atmosphere, with virtual light eyes, strabismus, Qushi, prohibited method looked right not looking at the customer.

, two bogey snicker

in service, often meet special customer, or some funny things in the service process, service personnel should not the guests face laughing, whispering, talking on the customer, should always keep the air and the liberal and dignified manner, be neither humble nor pushy.

three, avoid attending

service personnel should avoid eavesdropping, sit in conversation and chat content. Especially when customers talk about privacy, the waiter should take the initiative to leave. This is not only the needs of professional ethics, but also the basic requirements of personal qualities. Can not sit in the post, do boring communicators, this will cause unnecessary trouble.

four, avoid boredom

made face type customers, to meet the consumer desire, even if sometimes attitude too much, do not expose the tired look.

five, avoid arbitrary application of standardized language services

avoid language casually, the use of spoken language, home language, expression to be complete, clear, concise.

car beauty shop staff if we provide quality services, will give consumers a good impression. The above service taboo hope can cause the franchisee attention, do staff training, so that they can keep a good image, good publicity for the brand shop, more than you learn?

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