College students employment in rural electricity providers will grant subsidies

Now the development of

e-commerce model has become a very diversified, at the same time, now the entire e-commerce industry also appeared a lot of new models in the vast rural areas, now the electronic commerce also began to hot up.

issued the same day "on the support of e-commerce business and employment of the rural views" clearly, rural workers, migrant workers, college students and graduate students in 5 years, veterans founded rural commercial enterprises, enjoy business loans and discount policy according to the provisions. For the normal operation of more than 6 months of rural electricity supplier enterprises, in accordance with the provisions of a one-time business subsidies, and the employment situation to attract people to give employment to promote entrepreneurship. For those who are difficult to obtain employment and graduates of the University in the year of employment in rural e-commerce enterprises, within the term of the labor contract within a certain period of time to give individual employment subsidies, subsidy period of not more than 3 years. The new recruit staff with employment difficulties of rural electricity supplier Small and micro businesses and college graduates graduation year, signed a 1 year contract and pay social insurance in accordance with the law, to provide social security subsidies in accordance with the provisions of. Rural electricity supplier enterprises in the park outside the office or rental housing rental, according to local standards to grant rent subsidies.

by the industrial and commercial registration of rural network business practitioners, equally enjoy various employment support policies. No business registration of rural network business practitioners, public employment service agencies can be identified as flexible employment and implement support policies.

the training work into the province of professional and technical personnel of knowledge training projects of rural electronic commerce talents, annual 1-2 professional and technical personnel of electronic commerce at the provincial level research classes. To guide the training of all kinds of professional and technical personnel to increase e-commerce training base. The above key business Deputy General Manager of personnel, without qualifications, qualifications, qualifications and other restrictions, in accordance with the provisions of the declaration to a senior economist, and enjoy the local talent introduction policies according to the provisions.

in the vast rural areas through e-commerce such a platform to achieve a business goal is a can not be ignored in the new century business, and now has been around the support of the government.


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