The name can not be too homophonic

The name "

" homophonic use, which in the current is very common, however, although this is a good way to shop name, but improper use may have overdone, resulting in the development of the shop is affected. So, take its homonym while desirable, but not to overdo.

hundred clothing Baishun, "clothing" and "ritual to decorated world"…… Walking in the streets of Yuexi, the reporter found that the creative name homophonic everywhere. For this phenomenon, different people. Some people think that this is a creative "suction eye", some people think that this word or phrase tampering with the name, it is easy to produce misleading.


spell homophonic name

today, both in the town center is part of the township, the use of the name of the shop meet the eye everywhere. One hundred clothing Baishun, "clothing", "Yang""…… This is a clothing store name; "foot to foot", "the heart read shoes"…… This is a name; a small jewelry shop named "ceremony to decoration"; some shop named "world".

to take the homophonic name, some shopkeepers said this was due to "suction eye" to consider. A creative name, it is easy to cause the attention of customers, attract the attention of customers, and then produce the impulse into the store. This is a kind of eyeball marketing strategy.

"harmonic" is a misleading

for creative homophonic name, many businessmen believe that it is a commercial and cultural phenomenon, is purely in order to guide consumers to consume. But this guide often evolves into a misleading, especially for children and students have a bad effect on learning to read, so that they form the wrong mindset.

Some of the words of the existing

has been recognized by the general public, if you take the name with the homonym of these words is undoubtedly a good choice. However, idioms are the essence of China’s thousands of years of culture, arbitrary tampering is also a desecration of traditional culture. Even if must use homophonic name, but also the best double quotation marks in the homophonic words, as highlighted.

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