Join the men’s clothing store market development prospects

men’s market, has been a very hot market. Compared to the amount of women’s market, in fact, men’s market is more choice for the development of space. How about the men’s shop? Join the men’s clothing store project, worthy of our attention and choice!

do men join in making money?

How to join

ashidun menswear store? As Chinese casual chain industry leader, ashidun adhering to the "fashion, a variety of value," marketing idea, uses the international advanced SPA Model – SPA model, has pioneered a new concept of "leisure city", has been widely praised and love consumers. Its innovative model, innovative ideas, innovative marketing and many other aspects of the investor’s affirmation.

joined ashidun men’s store is to seize the opportunities, ashidun spirit of "rapid and robust, standardized replication" development policy, continue to optimize the clothing retail model, established the chain style coverage of developed city and town characteristics, plans to 2015 more than 2000 direct management of chain stores, in 2020 more than 5000 straight chain store management…… Tomorrow, ashidun will become the modernization and internationalization of the group of large garment industry will present to the world! The industry leader


what about the men’s store? Quality projects, the choice of a simple way of entrepreneurship, is our best choice. How about the men’s shop? Worth joining!

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