You can use the name of digital

due to the standard name, shop name for countries issued the relevant laws and regulations, this gives the shop name to many to the owner brought trouble. Then, the digital name can be used? Let Xiaobian do a simple introduction.

digital shop signs more and more. In Xinzhi road a snack shop to eat breakfast, originally found seranade signs, has been changed to a string of numbers.

around in the city several dining and entertainment compared Naomeng street, we found that the digital shop signs, really more than last year increased significantly, at least more than and 20.

restaurant signs generally with 7, 8, 9 and detached, bars, karaoke, entertainment and 6 community, the hotel also has unveiled 1.2.3.

some shopkeepers reflect, this is mainly to allow customers to remember.

is responsible for the registration of the relevant departments that the digital signature as long as the name of the state in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, generally can.

so, if you want to use numbers to make their own shop name, in fact, is in line with the relevant laws and regulations, and nothing wrong. Of course, although the new digital name, but also need to use skills, so it really makes the shop has a good name.

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