Open studio about how much money the whole network Xiaobian for you secret

spiritual life is rich, people are willing to spend money in the studio to record the important moments in life. Many entrepreneurs have aimed at the studio’s investment business. So how much does it cost to open a photo studio? There are three main areas of expenditure.

A, store rent

two, renovation costs

open street making self photo gallery, without decoration how high-end western style grade, only need to clean and tidy, fashion, individuality, so only need to put the wallpaper, then find some decorations to personality. It costs about 10 thousand yuan.

three, the cost of equipment

How much is the open studio

for entrepreneurs, shop costs are calculated in advance to good, so as to prepare adequate technological entrepreneurship. The above three aspects is the need to take into account the cost of home photo studio source, hoping to provide some reference.


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