Shocked and even ious OU so big difference

give a simple example. If the sun with Liu Jia very good relationship, Liu Jia borrowed 30 thousand yuan to komago emergency, Liu Jia hit a IOUs to sun, also did not agree, then two years later, if there is no interruption of prescription, suspension, extension of the case, komago again sued Liu Jia’s repayment it is easy to be identified as the court of the statute of limitations rather than lose the right to win.

is the fundamental reason, since the debtor has issued IOUs, the creditor shall enjoy to claim repayment, the limitation of action begins during the calculation, and the general limitation period is two years, two years later to claim, of course lost during aging.

If I had to give

A, borrowing time to write IOUs, not to write ious in

IOU and IOU is a kind of creditor’s rights debt instruments, but there is a big difference between the two.

two, when the borrower agreed interest rates should be written IOU

"contract law" provisions of article 211st: a loan contract between natural persons for the payment of interest is not agreed or the agreement is not clear, as do not pay interest. Where a loan contract between a natural person agrees to pay interest, the interest rate on the loan may not violate the provisions of the state on the restriction of borrowing. If there is no interest will write IOU >

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