Analysis of open Lucai stores location techniques

catering industry contains enormous business opportunities, for small investors to open a franchise Lucai shop is a good investment choice. How to open a profitable Lucai stores, first choice is to choose a good location for shops. The following share open Lucai stores location catering skills, hope to help everyone.

1, understand the Lucai store location catering to join regional factors: the comprehensive factors of various aspects of the site should be considered, the formation of a planning idea. Open Lucai stores in the site to take into account the factors of the level of economic development, culture and education, market competition situation, planning position characteristics, hardware and software environment is superior to all aspects of.

2, catering Lucai stores location points: first to determine the service object. To identify their stores open Lucai service object types and their own business lucai. According to the food and beverage stores Lucai location, determine the corresponding facilities and equipment, and then select their business class, and then determine the varieties of meat. Second to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate traffic, so that the customer is easy to say anything. Third to the environment in place. To make the business scale Lucai while promoting their comprehensive facilities, external environment to form a climate, food stores catering to other special mixed operations, such as ", " food street; " " and other city Lucai; the business combination, the formation of scale benefit.

3, the layout is very important: the principle of determining location, in the implementation according to the following points: the choice of local population, gathered, traffic convenient places, commercial outlets concentrated in specific location, peer gathering, special port.

in the hunger breeds discontentment background, small restaurants can also bring big harvest. Not funded high-grade delicacy store can make a lot of money, open Lucai stores also can harvest the success! Lucai have big market catering to join, is a good investment, low cost, low risk of those catering franchise industry is very easy in the delicacy of successful projects.

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