Don’t forget the word of mouth marketing

emphasis on word of mouth marketing, indicating that the shop for the word of mouth is very important, but also found a direction of marketing. However, if the pursuit of word of mouth marketing but forget this, in fact, the same shop is difficult to obtain development. Some time ago, there is a supermarket opened near the launch of the "old and new residence near the author enjoy relief activities: all successfully introduce new customers and new customers become the supermarket shopping on the spot, the old customers can enjoy a certain amount of shopping breaks. The beginning of that period of time, this activity did lead to popularity, but slowly, the supermarket business deserted. Some customers reflect: the quality of goods is not good, the price is no advantage……

the supermarket originally want through word-of-mouth marketing to expand the customer base, to occupy the market, but because the "origin" and make marketing activities changed taste, finally ended in failure.

word of mouth marketing is a kind of marketing way that people communicate with each other to spread the product or service information. Because of this spread occurs in close relationships between friends, relatives and other groups, compared with pure advertising, this let users tell the user, the marketing approach is often more simple and effective.

however, the blacksmith needs its own hardware. Some merchants see word-of-mouth marketing value and make great efforts to promote communication at the same time, but ignored the core of word-of-mouth marketing is for their goods or services at competitive prices, so that the word-of-mouth marketing has become impossible. Such marketing activities not only can not play a positive role in promoting publicity, there may be due to fraud to promote the suspicion of the opposite effect, to their own business adversely affected.

spent a lot of energy to do the word of mouth marketing and how? For customers, even if they know the shop, but if the product is not good, will not patronize. Therefore, word-of-mouth marketing should be used with caution, not forgetting the application". Only continue to focus on their own products and enhance the quality of service, and strive to build the core competitiveness, in order to make the "reputation" purchase behavior "triggers" truly become a marketing tool to allow consumers to become a business logical "marketing personnel", the rapid expansion of the market and win the development with good reputation effect.

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