High heels cause business opportunities

not worth mentioning things, often can cause a huge change, the key is how you look at these things, how to use these things, today Xiaobian for you to bring about a high heels cause business story, I hope you can learn from!

keib (Candice  Cabe) and Loeb kowitz (Nadine  Lubkowitz) two people founded Day2Night, a Boston start-up company product is able to replace various high heel shoes. For example, equipped with a Pisces 5 mouth shoe heels, just press a button, you can easily replace.

2010 in May, the founder of Day2Night cable. She invested $15 thousand in the first batch of funds, mainly for design samples. The same year, kebr creativity in the "entrepreneurial weekend" (Startup  Weekend) to win this held for aspiring entrepreneurs activities. At the same time, Day2Night also entered the entrepreneurial contest Mass  Challenge finals. In a Boston business exchange activities, kebr met Loeb kowitz. At the beginning of 2011, with product manufacturing and operational experience of the lobkowitz join, become company co-founder.

Day2Night in Facebook, Twitter are on the page, keib said, its official website (Convertible-Heels.com) had 600 visitors every day. But the real catalyst is a platform for people to raise funds Kickstarter, from May 2010 to date, the company raised more than 16 thousand U.S. dollars in funds above Kickistarter. Keib said, "we set a target specific number, time frame and deadline etc.." The company has organized an event to raise money for the Kickstarter, which is supported by 121 supporters of the site, and the registration information of the 150 users is willing to buy shoes that are of interest. Keib said, Kickstarter funds from its 75% users network, others from access to company information network from other people.

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