Some suggestions for financing entrepreneurs

many startups are inevitably needed by financing to grow and develop their strength, but not every venture companies can obtain financing capital value of this an easy job to do, not only depends on the project, also depends on the entrepreneur’s own speech details. Here, here are some suggestions for financing entrepreneurs.

1, less about the needs of users to watch user real pain points

2, less talk about the grand vision, direct data to prove the ultimate iteration

entrepreneurs dream right, depicting the lofty prospect of Future Ltd is also true. But if there is no real head down to the point of view of a group of users to solve the pain point of the solution to the extreme, can not use data to prove their results, do not come out financing. First of all, do a good job in front of the work, to get a small battle after the ultimate victory, to be able to explain their ability. Because investors know, good team is the rapid iteration of the team, the direction of the team, the future of the company will also have many changes, describe the dream is very simple, but the most important thing is, is a good proof of the current company team.

3, the less complex user data, say "screaming user"

take what data to investors, is a problem. Most companies love to write a lot of data in the business plan, including the industry scale, the size of the user, your data will be more dimensions, such as the number of registered users, the number of active users, the user growth rate etc.. In fact, the growth of a lot of user data has a lot of accidental factors, such as a large amount of marketing, on the App list or naked subsidies, can significantly affect the user data. Its deep investors have seen some bad entrepreneurs by means of a single brush, fraud and other data to package data. It can be said that the data point is not too important, it is important to be able to put their own screaming users or iron users, the net recommended value of NPS users, so that investors perceive that there is a higher data. The future of the business world, not by the number of users to win, but by the occupation of the user’s mind, with enough screaming user is important.

4, burn, devote themselves to do "more subdivision first"

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