Nanjing luxury market buyers minimum age of only 22 years old

rising prices in the market, many people buy a house can only say that it has always been a desire to exist, they really can not afford to buy. But there is such a phenomenon, in the continuous rise in prices in Nanjing, in its luxury trading market, the youngest buyer is only 22 years old, to hear the news that you are not as surprised as Xiao bian. This fully illustrates the millions of luxury buyers are young".

recently, some media reports, in the first half of this year, Guangzhou (real estate) luxury market performance is not good, the price has risen. The age of luxury buyers also showed a trend of younger – the average age of only 37 years old, the smallest buyers only 22 years old. Securities reporter learned that this year, Nanjing luxury market trading volume is also rising sharply compared to previous years. For the quasi line of Nanjing, the trend of luxury buyers younger although not very prominent, but the prototype has been seen.

luxury market unpopular, the definition of different standards

network is according to the agency statistics show that in 2016 1-6 months, Nanjing total of more than 10 million residential units for 210 sets of transactions. And in 2015 the year only 125 sets of 16072, the year 2011 is only 11 sets.

someone seems to "luxury" refers to the ratio of high-grade residential quality, grade, size and price are more residential, but the Nanjing University of Technology City Real Estate Institute Wu Xianghua told reporters the "securities", "luxury" is not clearly defined, only features. For example, in a special location, resource share higher. In Nanjing, Jiangnan and Jiangbei luxury standards will be significantly different.

, an industry source told reporters, although the "luxury" standard is not the same, in recent years, with the rising prices, the "house" standards of natural increase. Today in Nanjing, the general price in the tens of millions of houses in the vicinity can be called "luxury", but as to Nanjing yard CAC at 34 million house, which is called super luxury.

million or so luxury, young buyers increased by

it is understood that Nanjing is currently in the sale of millions of luxury projects are mostly villas. For example, the city is located in the CAC Nanjing yard, the villa area of 458-804 square meters, a total of 25 million. Vanke in the city with an oil park homes, Huxing area of 470 square meters, the price of about $30 million. The the Peach Garden is located in Tangshan Greentown area of 330-580 square meters, the total price of about 10 million. But for this super luxury, according to the staff, the vast majority of buyers or people over the age of 45, but there are many young faces.


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