Kyrgyzstan wealth Hunan local nternet banking platform

look at the current situation of economic development, living in the Internet plus era, every aspect of our life cannot do without the internet. Therefore, the creation of a regional exclusive king Hu Liang financial platform is also a very meaningful thing. The birth of the wealth of Kyrgyzstan, Hunan’s first Internet financial platform, below we do a detailed understanding of the financial platform.

2015 in September 8th, witnessed in politics, business, finance, media and so on more than 500 guests, Hunan Ji Meng wealth network technology limited online internet financial platform g’man wealth grand on the line in Changsha.

on the line before and after the ceremony, g’man wealth respectively with the Hunan construction engineering group company, the Pacific (601099, shares) property insurance company Hunan branch and other large state-owned enterprises signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the agreement of cooperation between the two sides will expand the depth of cooperation in the financial, industrial and other fields.

The chairman of

Tefeng g’man wealth in Europe in an interview with reporters, said: "as a foothold in Hunan in the national network of P2B lending platform, uphold the" sincere g’man wealth ‘and’ Inclusive Finance ‘concept, is committed to the exploration and development of Internet financial industry, focus for the government, small and medium-sized enterprises to provide convenient, safe and high quality the financing service; the principle of the supremacy of customers, to provide a professional, safe and convenient Internet banking platform for the majority of customers to both supply and demand of funds information and capital sunshine docking, to achieve harmony and win-win!"

Institute Professor He Pingping

of Hunan University said: Internet Financial Research g’man wealth as a large state-owned enterprises and Chinese Investment Holdings Group jointly set up and operation of professional Internet financial platform, the strength, the prospect of unlimited. I as a professional engaged in Internet banking scholars, with the wealth of Kyrgyzstan League cooperation is a combination of academic and practical.

"at present, the rapid development of Internet banking industry, net loan investment industry gradually mature, since July 18, 2015, ten ministries jointly issued a" guidance "to promote the healthy development of Internet financial industry established net loan investment legitimacy in law. This is bound to end the current net loan investment industry barbaric, no regulatory status, to create a network of high speed investment banking industry, the formal development of the channel.

the age of the Internet, all of our lives are closely related to it. Timely to meet the needs of the market, to create a new financial platform, Kyrgyzstan wealth as a large local Internet banking platform in Hunan, Hunan Internet financial industry leading model, is of great significance.

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