Ten ice cream brand rankings

hot weather, ice cream, a lot of people popsicle very popular variety, and the market in order to meet the needs of the people but also the birth of many brands. Below, let Xiaobian to introduce ten ice cream brand rankings, so that you have a better understanding of this industry, the industry know what the brand is better.

ice cream ten brands list, Yili NO.1:

Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Limited by Share Ltd is one of the country’s dairy industry leading enterprises, is one of the 520 key industrial enterprises and the national eight ministries identified as the first batch of 151 national agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, "Yili brand ice cream by the national green food development center of green food certification, and the ten consecutive annual sales ranked first in the country.

ice cream ten brands list, Mengniu:


Inner Mongolia Mengniu Dairy Limited by Share Ltd Mengniu ice cream is ice cream industry well-known brands, products with high quality brand to win the trust of the majority of users, in just ten years, created a remarkable "Mengniu miracle" by the society, praised as China’s western development since the "largest enterprises made rice bowl".

ice cream ten brands list:

NO.3, Meiji

Meiji dairy industry since its inception in 1917 has launched the "dairy products" as the center of the diversification of products, including milk, lactic acid bacteria drinks, yogurt, ice cream, baby food, in addition to the development of the cause of the domestic Meiji Japan, the Meiji dairy also with unique technology and products, and Chinese into the Southeast Asian market, to actively expand the international business.

ice cream ten brands list, so NO.4:

is pretty much by Unilever’s wall’s Co., the largest Chinese brand, is the most famous brand in the Asia Pacific region one of the ten years to establish a strong and lovely brand image and its unique taste is conquered countless young consumers. So fully carry forward the spirit of entertainment, opens a lot precedent for ice cream brand, become fully deserve "king of the ice cream cone".

ice cream ten brands list NO.5, Wuyang:

is Chinese Wuyang ice cream Guangzhou local well-known brand of ice-cream, has a high reputation in Guangzhou, from 2002 to 2005 Wuyang ice cream for four consecutive years, Guangzhou famous trademark title in 1999 by Nestle Chinese exclusive management, after the acquisition of "Wuyang ice cream" brand was retained, together with the production of ice cream Nestle series.


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