Need to understand the six legal risks before starting a business

before the law, everyone is equal, as a qualified social citizen, we must resolutely safeguard the dignity of the law. But sometimes, people will be unconscious of the law, this situation can only be considered bad luck. For entrepreneurs, there are six legal risks need to understand before investors can avoid ignorance of the law.

1. venture project is legal

2. team members are limited

3. partnership agreement is exhaustive

4. entrepreneurial team organizational form selection

for the mobile Internet business projects, lawyers will directly registered Limited by Share Ltd, rather than limited liability company. Because the main conditions of domestic IPO to the shares of the company, if it is a limited liability company, IPO also need to reform, time-consuming and laborious; and shares of the company in the implementation of equity incentive plans, more intuitive and efficient.

5. pay attention to protect the project name

6. shares arrangement is reasonable

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