Liu Zuyun’s way of opening a shop

sighed in countless bosses not to do business the current situation, why some people can shop business booming booming, and profit is increasing? This naturally associated with the owner of the management skills. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce Liu Zuyun’s successful business skills.

Liu Zuyun is the owner of the first supermarket in Hubei, Songzi. Shop is located in the Golden Road, Star Avenue intersection, strategic location, larger traffic. Although his supermarket opened only three years, but has been a good business, sales, profitability steadily.

Liu boss is how to attract customers, maintain strong popularity? With questions, recently I walked into his shop, and he talked about the way to open a shop.

shop and attract eight party customer

Liu Zuyun

walked into the shop, an obvious feeling is that the shop clean and tidy, clean container, display of goods neatly, well-proportioned. Conversation, the author found that they are busy in addition to accidents, a free to organize the goods, cleaning counters. Have customers to buy things, to see the couple, wipe the counter goods when he said: "you sell goods on the line, all finishing counters have what use? Once a week is enough!"

Liu Zuyun just smiled, waiting to go, he told the author: "I just started to do business, a customer wants to buy a box of cookies, but the date is quite fresh, but because there is no good health, packaging is stained with a layer of dust, with a customer, see above dust at that time, without demur turned away. From then on, I learned my lesson. The health of the store is very important, would rather some of their own hard work, but also to allow consumers to buy at ease."

Liu Zuyun believes that doing business must be careful to find problems in a timely manner, and timely correction, which in fact is a qualified businessman’s basic quality.

is willing to help others, build the circle of contacts

is next to the smoke cabinet of Liu Zuyun, there is a "treasure box", which contained some household maintenance tools, the axe, hammer, screwdriver, small iron cone. Mention of a "treasure box", with joy Liu Zuyun face. He gave the author told a little story about the "treasure box".

last summer, one night, about 10 points, an old man riding a motorcycle traveling to the first supermarket supermarket suddenly stalled, how can not start, the repair shop around and closed the door. Liu Zuyun see this case, unhurried out spark plug sleeve from the special "treasure box", walked up to the old man said: "old man, don’t step on the spark plug gasoline is wet, you cannot.

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