The Yellow River small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base bred Qinghai create a dream

Small and micro businesses are weak, want to obtain long-term development is not easy. In Qinghai, Xining, the Yellow River small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial base for many small and micro enterprise owners to provide a breeding ground for the dream.

in my city in Xining Province, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County of Beichuan Industrial Park, the Yellow River Small and micro businesses entrepreneurial base, our province is the first property Industrial Park, the base of the province and outside the Small and micro businesses, to establish a good service mode, plant design, property management, finance, logistics, maintenance and other one-stop "service. At present, there are 59 independent enterprises settled in the park, the occupancy rate of 95%, mainly for outstanding enterprises in food processing, machinery manufacturing, building materials, furniture, logistics and transport, jewelery, electric power facilities, printing and other industries,

"power" of a cable

here is the starting point of our entrepreneurial dreams, but also realize the dream stage. This is the general manager of Qinghai Cable Co. Ltd. Yang Cunliang knight.

decides to do poineering work, they also traveled a lot of places, the final choice in the entrepreneurial base settled in May 2015. Yang Cunliang told reporters, like many entrepreneurs, at the inception of the company, although he is full of passion and longing, but they do not have the money, no assets, no market, even the lack of office space. Settled entrepreneurial base, the park is not only for them to reduce the number of procedures and fees, but also provides a lot of convenience for his business conditions.

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