Focus 10 13 Nanjing launched the land of the 10

this year, the real estate market unpopular, so many people feel surprised, in the face of rising prices, Nanjing local government has also taken measures actively. Yesterday, the Nanjing hang out in 2016 the seventh batch of land pre announcement information, pre announced the launch of the 10 pieces of land, 10 plots of the total land area of about 472522.5 square meters. At the end of September when the local government issued "Ning thirteen, it will increase the supply of land before the end of the year, to ease the contradiction between supply and demand, stabilize the fast rising land prices and housing prices yesterday, the land market opening, Nanjing grain purchase and credit limit the implementation of the new deal after the launch of the first batch of land.

Nanjing yesterday pre announcement plots, 8 is located in Jiangning, 2 sites located in the east of the city. Among them, the commodity residential land 5, with a total land area of 184483.4 square meters; the remaining 5 for commercial use of land, with a total land area of 288039.1 square meters. Reporters noted that the Sixth Batch of pre announcement from the pre announcement only less than two weeks, which shows the frequency of local government land supply significantly accelerated.

Jiangning became the bulk of the land supply, the supply of 5 residential sites are located in Jiangning, the current Jiangning individual plate no new house supply, the new residential land market will help make up for the embarrassment of no room to buy. However, according to past experience, the land from the development to the market generally have 1-2 years of cycle, it is in order to speed up the pace of land plots.

the transfer of residential land, including the "mini block", for example, a site located in Jiangning Dongshan "mini block", with a total area of more than 2.4 square meters, at present no new houses in the sale of Dongshan, small area of residential land is relatively scarce, and this kind of small amount of land development cycle relative in short, can be launched as soon as possible sales.

do you have the need to buy a house now? In the newly launched 10 cases of land, there is no land you are satisfied with it? When can we buy? In this batch of land in the District of Qixia Metro Line 4 jin road block, an area of more than 110 thousand square meters, and in October last year sold 19529 yuan / square meters of the East "the most expensive land adjacent, is rare double subway commercial office block. Is located in Qixia District of horses street in the granite block is divided into A, B, C three, A district for stadiums, commercial mixed land use, B area commercial mixed land use, C area for medical use, it can be seen that the land in the previous housing on the basis of the local government in order to increase the real estate surrounding supporting continuous improvement.

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