Hangzhou alumni alumni nnovation Contest

with double activity call, each business platform, investors are in for the development of Chinese entrepreneurial effort. Recently held in Hangzhou University Alumni innovation and entrepreneurship competition, entrepreneurs, creating a space for communication and cooperation between investors and bridges.

"Chinese the rendezvous" and China multi-creation space business services Products Fair is committed to the aggregation of domestic well-known industry division and regional public record space exchanges, promote industry development.

"Chinese micro Angel Festival" to create the largest China, affecting the widest range of micro angel investor conference service, China transformation entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals in early angel investment.

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2015 the first "China micro angel · China; the intersection" which will be held in the China micro Angel annual dinner ", the first 2015 + National alumni alumni of the university innovation and entrepreneurship competition national finals, the first 2015 China public fair and hundreds of venture capital institutions and the public record space exhibition, hundreds of new business projects (exhibition a rendezvous) and more than 10 field visits, visits Hangzhou multi-creation space alumni + project venture roadshow exhibition and other activities, is expected to attract local government management department staff, public record, founder of entrepreneurial projects, on behalf of space micro angel investors (transformation of entrepreneurs) and all the guests more than 1000 people to Hangzhou to attend the meeting.

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