Cool tea to join congratulate details

people always have a not extraordinary heart, always restless, wanted to break through the self, can really find their own place to display their fists, which is now one of the reasons why so many people choose entrepreneurship. However, for ordinary people’s entrepreneurial project is not very much, plus by all sorts of conditions factors, small as we recommend cool tea or join the brand, is a good project of small investment, high profit. So, congratulations cool tea jiamengfei? Here is a detailed analysis of joining fee.

cool tea joining fee:


cool tea selling advantage: Congratulations

with the changing of people’s consumption concept and life style, cool tea has become one of the current types of drinks to celebrate the most popular. Chinese and tea consumption market almost 30% annual growth rate, market share China drinks consumption more than 20%, juice drinks, a great catch-up potential of carbonated drinks, China tea industry will usher in a brighter future. Congratulations cool tea insist that their tea with high quality standard strictly, showing a cup of good tea, good market reputation prospects.

cool tea to join support:


1, the entire shop output support: cool tea franchise headquarters will congratulate the catering market by virtue of the rich operating experience, to provide the entire shop output support for the franchisee, franchisee in the shop process given the needs of all aspects of support and experience, allow the franchisee to easily start.

2, free training support: congratulations to join cool tea, headquarters is responsible for pre free technical training for all partners, to maintain continuity through technical training manuals, professional data and membership service download, free software upgrade.

3, logistics support: large storage of raw materials, equipment and other goods stocking plenty of cool tea congratulations franchisors have logistics, warehousing, distribution, eliminate the phenomenon of missing out of season and holidays.

4, market operations support: both the overall marketing plan of the brand, a full set of store management scheme for a single cool tea stores or practical, to ensure the return on investment.

5, regional protection support: cool tea franchise development congratulate limits in certain areas, to ensure that the store can monopolize a market, to join a sufficient space for development.

cool tea drink a drink to celebrate the new era, become the beverage industry leader, has changed the obvious characteristics of the industry season. Congratulations cool tea drinks, tea drinks is a new project, the unique market opportunities. If you want to join, you can leave a message below the website

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