How to make the restaurant business Change management thinking

recent rapid development of the Internet had to say a great impact on traditional industries, especially in the catering industry. Due to the impact of the Internet, the traditional Internet is gradually replaced by the dining restaurant, there is a lot of food were aware of the power of the Internet have transformation, there are many miserable Tucao not to earn money, which is why?

lost on site

many restaurants are bad business, are lost in the site. Operating a restaurant, how to find a good lot, then it is equivalent to half the success of the business. Many people choose to dining restaurant in the commercial center of the crowded places, thought by a large number of passenger traffic, can be free of worries, because the results from the adverse effects of business brings to others and not the normal operation. Or because of the shortage of funds, the choice of the inconvenient places, so that the restaurant is not attractive to diners to the restaurant. Once the site is wrong, even if you are no longer able to make up for this vulnerability. Therefore, when we are in the site, to try to choose in the population density, traffic places such as shopping malls, cinemas, residential buildings and places of entertainment, it is beneficial to the restaurant business, to achieve the purpose of Business Flourishes.

likes to raise the price of food

, according to incomplete statistics, there are 6 more than the existence of love raise price about 10 restaurant meals, by people, the food price too high, the results so that consumers, the tourists away. So, a restaurant owner to food prices, must be combined with the actual circumstances, using the formula: food sales price (food raw material costs + direct labor costs (÷); 1 non raw materials and direct labor cost rate and profit rate), so that customers will feel your restaurant meal price is reasonable easy to accept, they will come to your restaurant, meaning.

management does not have a clear specification

most of our restaurants are family, couples, because the operator is too arbitrary, there is no clear standard in management, a lot of articles as decoration, not the intentions of the food procurement, quality control, caused great negative impact to food prices. Even some family members like lazy, so that other employees feel unequal treatment, then, we need to use such a small meal catering management tools to help you manage staff. By using this tool, you can store all the staff working at a glance, who is working in earnest, who in the desertion, to carry out the corresponding rewards according to these data, not only can improve the quality of service can also improve work efficiency, so that your employees will be convinced, would like you the restaurant.

indeed, the king in the age of the Internet, to recommend

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