A major traffic accident in Nanyang Lianzhuang perpetrators 8 students escape

2 29 Nanyang major traffic accident so many users feel angry. According to micro-blog users @ Nanyang influence news, 29 at noon in Henan city of Nanyang Province, a major traffic accident, the construction of a high road opposite the white BYD Lianzhuang 8 students escape, at present, the driver has been caught.

3 on Sept. 1 at 7:27, the Propaganda Department of Henan municipal Party committee of Nanyang informed that the investigation by the public security organs further interrogation, "SUV collision student" incident suspects motive is mainly on social discontent, be pessimistic and worldweary trouble caused social concern. After preliminary investigation, the suspect Ma Gaochao, male, born in January 29, 1956, the Nanyang Municipal People’s Procuratorate is at the level of retired cadres.

informed that February 29th at noon, at the entrance to the Nanyang City Wancheng District of Nanyang city in a car collision event occurred, students. 12 when the score of a white BYD off-road vehicle (Yu RHD235) crashed into the school students, resulting in the injury of 12 students, of which 1 students died after the rescue, the rest of the students are being treated in hospital. At present, the school teachers and students emotional stability, normal teaching order.

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