Xiamen entrepreneurs tell you what kind of three dimensional code

in life, we can often see a lot of two-dimensional code! But black and white patterns show that many of the two-dimensional code is almost the same! Recently, Xiamen Chong developed a new three-dimensional code, then how long the three-dimensional code? Xiamen and small series of specific understanding.

The traditional two-dimensional code

is a mass of black, at first glance looks almost the same, lack of recognition of its short board is born. Engaged in the industry for many years after the encoding hit off Chen Shengxu caught the "pain points", developed more than the two-dimensional code dimensions of 3D code, not only rich in color, visualization, in the aspect of safety in the two-dimensional code.

in the 2016 AFC conference, three dimensional code was founded by Chen Shengxu (Xiamen) Network Technology Co., Ltd. and Xiamen Automobile Association, Xiamen Automobile Dealers Association Branch, second-hand car on the west side of the Straits Auto Expo Organizing Committee held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony.

it is understood that Chen Shengxu was elected to the city the eighth batch of "double hundred plan" at the end of last year, and the business headquarters moved from Beijing to his hometown of Xiamen. In this year’s "6· results of transactions 18 channel project meeting, three-dimensional code caused concern to the industry, and signed a three-dimensional code of Fujian province science and Technology Group bidding strategic cooperation agreement, and in Fujian province" 6· 18 "industrial capital fund three dimensional code technology.

Chen Shengxu said that the next three dimensional code will be individual, enterprise and government in three directions for commercial development, through the three-dimensional code generation system of R & D, any exclusive text, pictures, LOGO can be used as identifiers. Currently, three dimensional code technology has about 6000000 individual users, corporate users, the world’s top 500 enterprises have a total of more than and 100.

technology in constant innovation, a lot of new products continue to come out, for our life has brought great convenience. In life, we have to follow the trend of the times, the two-dimensional code into three-dimensional code, more in line with the development needs of the market.

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