Yongtai encourage migrant workers and farmers to purchase houses

house in the concept of the Chinese people, is a sign of the family, is of great significance. In the face of the current real estate situation, Fuzhou actively encourage local migrant workers and farmers into the city, then the implementation of this policy has any specific meaning? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

5 21, Yongtai County issued the "Implementation Opinions on the implementation of the real estate stock measures to resolve the provincial and municipal" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), the county government to encourage the implementation of the housing levy monetary resettlement, to encourage migrant workers and farmers, to encourage teachers to purchase group purchase Ge Ling Eastern Metro real estate etc.. It is reported that the implementation of the opinions from the date of implementation, valid for 6 months.

according to the "opinions", for the farmers to buy commercial housing, the right to use the land contract and management rights, homestead and collective economy distribution rights remain unchanged, to voluntarily withdraw from the homestead, the County Land Bureau to give 5000 yuan per household compensation.

migrant workers and farmers to purchase new commercial housing in the city, the County Board of education by the County Housing Authority for the record of the sale of commercial housing, according to the enrollment area to arrange their children. County Agricultural Bureau, the County Housing Construction Bureau will be combined with the policy to support the purchase of households without housing farmers, and subsidies to the relevant provisions. At the same time, will simplify the transfer of agricultural population settled.

In addition,

also encourages teachers to buy Ge Ling Eastern Metro commercial housing. Won the title of outstanding teachers excellent teachers group purchase Ge Ling Eastern Metro real estate, county finance to 300 yuan / square meters subsidies.

Migrant workers and individual businesses to meet the conditions of the

will be gradually incorporated into the provident fund system coverage, carry out off-site provident fund individual housing loan business, the county paid provident fund domicile offsite workers families to purchase new commercial housing in Yongtai County, the county can apply for individual housing loans, provident fund.

"opinions" put forward to further support to meet the market demand for real estate enterprises, the adjustment of product structure, the stock of housing into corporate headquarters, software industry, electronic commerce, public record and space tourism, pension, cultural property; actively explore the rental market, the rental of vacant housing to the society, to digest inventory. The purchase of non residential commercial housing, the county government to pay 50% of the deed tax subsidies. Allow unsold parking spaces to non residential property owners.

on the supply of real estate projects, approved by the county government can be used for other industrial projects or projects in line with market demand for the development and construction. The only before December 31, 2015 has signed a contract to sell the land, does not constitute a idle land, and have all paid land commercial office project gold land transformation for residential land, required to pay land leasing.


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