Home green home store features significant high revenue

Under the background of the new era of

business, the more distinctive business, there will always be more market. At the same time, "green" in the current has become the theme of the times, nature is also worthy of people. Therefore, the opening of a green home supplies store seems to be a very good choice. Green Home Furnishing shop called, refers to the store selling all kinds of Home Furnishing supplies, sanitary supplies, tea utensils, kitchen tableware products, computer peripheral stationery and so on, all use of bamboo. Its biggest feature is the novel product design, and environmental protection, to the computer keyboard, for example, in the use of the process, the electronic radiation is almost zero, and almost no noise.

"all" "odd" is the store’s two characteristics

First of all,

". The bamboo production supplies, we have also seen, but certainly not all, in the green Home Furnishing shop, as long as you can think of the necessities of life, where almost all can see, even socks made of bamboo fiber is adopted.

secondly, "odd". Many people may say that napkin box seen bamboo tableware, bamboo, bamboo, then u have seen the mouse? Although the production process of this kind of product is not profound, but because this kind of product market is extremely rare at present, because of this, be popular with a few fashionable young people like.

in July this year in Tianjin, the end of the famous Taiwan exhibition as an example, the green Home Furnishing stores bamboo computer peripheral products are popular, the 4 days of exhibition sold thousands of sets of products.

investment is not small, the return period of 12 months

it is understood that the opening of a green home supplies store initial investment of about 200 thousand -50 million (including the joining fee, the first purchase costs, but does not include rent, labor costs and decoration costs).

investors can take the form of counter or store investment, where the area of green home supplies store can not be less than 60 square meters. The average gross profit margin of the product is about 80%-100% (the price is mainly determined by the level of consumption of the investor in the region, so the sales margin is slightly different).

it is understood that the current store in Fujian more, nearly 7 of the average return on investment in green home supplies store investors for about 12 months. Of course, there is a great relationship between the return period and the shops in the shopping district, some of the shops in the city far away from the city, the average investment return period of about 18 months.

market outlook

With the increase of

city in the middle class and the rise of environmental awareness, health awareness, people began to pay more attention to the survival of the natural environment, Home Furnishing environment, green product recommendation

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