s it feasible to buy a mountain farm

under the current entrepreneurial tide, not people do not work hard, but a lot of people can not find a suitable business opportunities, do not know what to do to make money. So, is it feasible to buy a mountain farm? Let’s analyze it together.

it’s a good idea to buy a mountain to build a farm, and now it is getting hotter and hotter. If you have enough money, you should start as soon as possible. Big buy is the prospect of earning. Ten years ago in low price to imagine, even hundreds of thousands of dollars can pack on acres of mountain, now, hundreds of thousands not impossible.

of course, it is not appropriate to say "buy"". Now the general term in the mountain for thirty years or fifty years.

is the only proposal to build a lot of farms, combined with their own planning and strength, select the appropriate address. What if there is no direct relationship, find your intention to appoint or county town leaders. General mountainous areas will not be involved in the issue of land transfer, belonging to the village collective.

of course, the farm does not have to choose the mountains, plains can also be. See what I want to do. The annual rent of the plains is different. And some local governments on the strength of the agricultural enterprises will have a lot of financial subsidies, national policy orientation, will be very objective.

build farm program is not complicated, the geographical position is very important, as far as possible close to the larger city, the car is best not more than 1.5 hours, preferably close to high-speed, National Road, the trail is best not more than 20 minutes. Bao Shan must take the local government to settle, water, electricity, road infrastructure must have the local government to do. Try to look at the local farmers, choose relatively simple, familiar with the place where the crops. Be sure to make a characteristic of the farm. Have cultural connotation. Or something fun to play with.

transfer of land, bought it is the range of 20 thousand to 40 thousand, the mountain is the price, this is probably because the next Ling’an mountain development badly, cause mountain value.

land lease, there are some places to rent to the farmers for organic rice, (18 pound), eat before encountered, is about 3-400 acres a year, of course is a long-term contract, don’t say a bargain, but taking into account the local customs, do not recommend leasing, after all people if you are greedy, an acre of land can produce 2000 of the income, people will pull down the face to find reasons to tear the contract.

special case, my dad used to introduce a boss to the mountains, from the local people of the circulation of a mountain is about several hundred acres, 8000 dollars, yes, you heard right, on the 8000, because the place is no way, I told my father that, next time encountered such a thing, also called endorsements

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