Liu Xudong the key is to do general business will do

innovation and entrepreneurship what capacity? I believe entrepreneurs want to enter the discussion below, the wind is Suizhong county Party Secretary Liu Xudong interview, he said: the key of entrepreneurship is and will do.

"Comrade Mao Fengmei deeds touching. He is loyal to the party, the courage to play, the heart of the masses, indifferent to fame and wealth, is our Party cadres learning model, the benchmark is "two real examples of a" learning education." The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee Comrade Mao Fengmei posthumously awarded the "national outstanding communist title, learning Constitution Party rules, learn a series of speeches to be qualified to carry out a comprehensive study and education of Party members" of the moment, the reporter interviewed Suizhong county Party Secretary Liu Xudong.

"13th Five-Year" is to build a well-off society in the extra period, is Suizhong county to seize new opportunities and seek new development, the key period of economic strength of the county development. Promote innovation and development, is placed in front of the county cadres and masses of the responsibility and mission." Liu Xudong believes that big things difficult to see play. The rolling stones uphill, climbing over the ridge, the test of whether cadres think general, whether dare officer, whether to the director general. This time, we should learn from Comrade Mao Fengmei, with Mao Fengmei as the benchmark, with a new attitude and morale, dedicate to work in various fields."

"there is much to play in order to do big business, as much of the responsibility will have much success. To give full play to the exemplary role of Comrade Mao Fengmei and other advanced models, firm ideals and beliefs, practice the party’s purpose, carry forward the spirit of play, forge ahead." Liu Xudong said, "as a work in the grass-roots party secretary, I want to lead the majority of the county leading cadres to learn from Comrade Mao Fengmei, vigorously carry forward the hard work, hard work, working spirit of" stem "word, bring out a good, the courage to tackle tough entrepreneurial team."

"13th Five-Year" period, Suizhong’s goal is to become the "Chinese North Bay Resort, China innovation city think-tank". Dare to think, dare to do, will do, is the key to entrepreneurship. We should carry out the "two learning and doing" learning and education, the study of Comrade Mao Fengmei to implement specific work." To achieve the goal that not in a day, Liu Xudong said: "in the promotion of comprehensive strictly extends to the grassroots cadres at the same time, we want to further broaden the horizons, further emancipation of thought, to further enhance the entrepreneurial capacity of the director general.

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