Preferably drunk Pakistan fresh fish to join the business with a small capital

business is difficult, if you put your heart into it. To the success of the venture, how to choose to join Pakistan fresh fish drunk? In the catering market, not only has a high popularity, and drunk fresh fish to join Pakistan project, is also a very good choice!

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Pakistan fresh fish drunk can join you / how to join


of fresh fish drunk Pakistan show joined the corporate culture and business philosophy, the pursuit of the design concept and style of the brand to reach a high degree of consensus;

willing to accept the headquarters management, identity Pakistan fresh fish drunk headquarters management and to put forward reasonable suggestions and improvement suggestions. Pakistan fresh fish drunk to join it / how to join


3, business background:

business management experience;

has strong management ability and good business reputation;

has the correct investment concept, good psychological quality and risk consciousness.

4, training and communication skills:

actively accept "drunk Pakistan fresh fish" brand culture, training content distribution concept and management mode;

actively carry out the task of communication.

5, financial qualification:

to join the club’s economic investment strength requirements to ensure the smooth operation of franchise stores.

6, management requirements:

has a college degree or above in cultural quality and the ability of independent management and coordination; in order to join the store business as the goal, to ensure that all the time and effort to join the brand management.

high quality delicious, fresh fish drunk to join Pakistan project, business success is not. If you are drunk to join Pakistan fresh fish project is very interested, welcome your advice message!

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